1. General

  1. You must not post texts, pictures or links that contain offensive or pornographic content, glorify violence or violate the law in any other way. This also holds for names of players and horses.

  2. You must not exploit errors in the game.

  3. You must not access accounts which do not belong to you. Already the attempt to ask for or guess other players' passwords is forbidden.

  4. You must not pass on or share accounts.

  5. We do not want spam of any kind, which can lead to temporary or permanent bans from the forum and/or PMs.
    Multiple unsolicited PMs asking to sell or share horses (or similar) count as spam.

  6. Be nice to your fellow players.

  7. Watch your language - younger players are around.

2. Gameplay

  1. Horses, stables or the like must not be sold for prices that significantly differ from the usual market value.
    This applies to donations of valuable horses/objects as well as sales with disproportionately high prices for the sake of financial fraud.

  2. Private sales must not be used as auctions.
    Sales advertisements which go along the lines of "Send me an offer, the highest bid will get the horse" will cause a warning and several offences will lead in a temporary or permanent ban from private sales.

  3. Breeders alliances are made for sharing stallions without any fees.*
    Indirect breeding fees are not allowed and can be prosecuted as financial fraud.
    * Except for fees for breeders alliance membership.

  4. No pre-/suffix (breeders alliances and private) may be chosen that contain symbols, pictures, emojis, or the like.

  5. You must not have (multiple) accounts with the main purpose of creating advantages for other accounts.

  6. In order to join breeders alliances or the like, the disclosure of private data (e.g. mobile phone number for WhatsApp) may not be requested.

3. Multi-accounts

You may have multiple accounts, but they must not be in any contact with each other. That means:

  1. No horse must be moved from account A to account B. Not via private sales, not via auctions, not via the trader, not via the horse shelter, not via other players or in any other way.

  2. No horse from account A must be boarded at a stable owned by account B.

  3. No stallion from account A must be used for breeding with a mare from account B.

  4. Account A and B must not be members of the same breeders alliance, unless the breeders alliance is free of fee.

  5. Account A must not share horses with account B.

  6. Account A must not sell a stable to account B.

  7. These rules also apply for horses/objects of deleted accounts.

Significantly breaking one or several of the abovementioned rules leads to a ban on all accounts of the player concerned. In severe cases result in lifetime bans from the game.

Siblings and multi-accounts

We regularly receive messages from supposed siblings which have been identified as multi-accounts, which is why they cannot trade horses with each other. Sadly, in most of the cases, those have been multi-accounts trying to avoid the trading ban.
Reviewing these cases takes a lot of time, which is unfortunately wasted in a lot of cases (when indeed dealing with fraud). That is why we have decided not to lift trading bans between (supposed) siblings which have been classified as multi-accounts.
We are sorry if honest players are affected by this decision, but with the large number of other players it shouldn't be too much of a limitation if you can't trade with a single other player.