EquinePassion is not your usual horse game, the focus here is on the riders and their path to success.

You start out as a horse lover without any skills.
In the course of the game you can acquire various skills and become self-employed in the horse world.

The game gives no direction, you can develop completely freely and pursue goals that you have set yourself.
These goals can be e.g. in the field of horse breeding (e.g. the breeding of highly awarded foals, breeding for special colours, or the establishment of a completely new breed), in stable management (e.g. building a well-known stable for boarding other players' horses or founding a popular riding school), in competitions (e.g. becoming the best rider in your discipline, be successful in as many disciplines as possible or successfully start new young horses every year), in animal welfare (e.g. rescuing as many neglected horses as possible) and much more ...

Breed horses with a million different possible appearances
  • Realistic inheritance of colour
  • One hundred shades per coat colour
  • Dozens of different markings and pattern
  • Progressive greying
  • Individual height
  • Visible growth of foals and young horses
  • Growing and trimmable mane, tails and forelock
The random horse above is Trakehner "Filly" owned by Jenandra.

Each horse has a unique combination of various traits
  • Breedable potential for 5 training lessons per discipline
  • 10 breedable physical characteristics with 7 levels each
  • 7 breedable character traits with 7 levels each
  • 2 trainable character traits with 3 levels each
  • Changing mood depending on character

30 genes for colour, pattern, markings & hair length
  • Extension
  • Agouti
  • Dun
  • Cream
  • Pearl
  • Champagne
  • Mushroom
  • Silver
  • Flaxen
  • Sooty
  • Pangare
  • Dapples
  • Tobiano
  • Sabino
  • Roan
  • Dominant White
  • White Spotting
  • Overo
  • Splashed White
  • Rabicano
  • Leopard
  • Greying
  • and more...

Choose from 35 different breeds or create your own
  • American Azteca
  • American Paint Horse
  • American Quarter Horse
  • Andalusian Horse
  • Anglo-Arabian
  • Anglo Lusa
  • Appaloosa
  • Appendix Quarter
  • Ara-Appaloosa
  • Arabian Horse
  • Arabian Purebred
  • Clydesdale
  • German Riding Horse
  • German Riding Pony
  • Thoroughbred
  • Hanoverian
  • Hispano-Árabe
  • Holsteiner
  • Icelandic Horse
  • Knabstrupper
  • Knabstrupper Sporthorse
  • Lipizzan
  • Oldenburger
  • Part Bred Clydesdale
  • Partbred-Arabian
  • Pintabian
  • Pintaloosa
  • Pura Raza Española
  • Puro Sangue Lusitano
  • Quarab
  • Shetland Pony
  • Shire Horse
  • Shire Sport Horse
  • Trakehner
  • Tres Sangres

Train your horses and compete in 16 different disciplines
  • Dressage
  • Show Jumping
  • Reining
  • Trail
  • Endurance
  • Horse Driving
  • Flat Racing
  • Cross Country
  • Baroque Riding
  • Gaited Competitions
  • Horse Logging
  • Eventing
  • Steeplechase
  • Endurance Driving
  • Working Equitation
  • Vaulting

Build your own stable
  • Build different types of stables, riding arenas, holiday homes & more for your very own dream stable
  • Buy meadows and barns to produce and store hay
  • Offer boxes for other players' horses
  • Establish a riding school or holiday farm
  • Hire staff to take care of your horses and guests

Participate in many events
  • Various breeding shows
  • Foal auctions with foreign bidders
  • Performance tests
  • Annual championships for every discipline
  • Adoption lotteries for shelter horses

and much more ...